Ridgewood Maze: Staff Photo12

Do you have that one house in your neighborhood that goes all out decorating for Halloween? We asked on Facebook for the best Halloween houses, and these are your picks:

Bridgewater: 13 Skeletons’ hauntings at 948 Rte. 202-206 from October 1-16 during daytime hours, you can see their skeletons and the machine. From Oct. 17th – 20th during the day you can see the Skeletons Halloween Machine in action. On Halloween from 2-6pm you can come and trick or treat, and when the candy bowl is empty, the Halloween Machine will refill it. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Clifton: A dentist’s office on the corner of Grove St. and Robin Hood Rd. attracts immense crowds throughout the year for its elaborate holiday decorations, whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day. However, the real showcase comes at Halloween at this property. The decorations are already up for you to check out.

Cherry Hill: Each year, the DuBois family goes all out to give their neighbors the chills. Their haunted house will be outdoors, made up of over 5 rooms, and you can pick your own scare level!

Ridgewood: This free spooky maze at 124 Sheridan Terrace is open every dry day from the first weekend in October until Halloween and welcomes ghouls of all ages. Check their Facebook page for updates on open times on their COVID protocols.

Roselle: Roselle Park makes trick-or-treating easy! They have collected a whole list of spooky houses and made a map for all residents to follow. You can enjoy their Halloween Around Town event, knowing that homeowners will keep you and your kids safe!

Succasunna: The homeowners of 2 Alcott Way’s Halloween House aren’t doing a house this year, unfortunately due to COVID safety concerns.

Toms River:Terror on South Main will open again this year, ready to send you running and screaming! Rather than coming into the house this year, guests are encouraged to enjoy the haunts from their cars.

Do you know a great Halloween house we missed? Let us know in the comments!