The Massler Center

Joshua Massler, PsyD; Alyson Rosenberg, LPC

Specialty: Psychology

Left to right: (back row) Alexandra Vaccaro, LAC, Alyson Rosenberg, LPC, Meryl Skinder, MSW, LCSW, Melanie Wexler, LSW, (middle row) Lisa Murano, Jessica Halpern, MD, (front row), Jason Lynch, MSW, LCSW, Joshua Massler, PsyD, Sarah West, LPC

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Joshua Massler and his team provide compassionate, individualized care tailored to each patient and family. Using evidence-based approaches, his practice pairs patients with highly qualified professionals specializing in their areas of need.

Dr. Massler’s multidisciplinary team of experts includes Dr. Jessica Halpern, doubleboard certified psychiatrist; Alyson Rosenberg, LPC; Alexandra Vaccaro, LAC; Meryl Skinder, MSW, LCSW; Jason Lynch, MSW, LCSW; Sarah West, LPC; Melanie Wexler, LSW and Erica Shreck, Ph.D.

The practice works with children, adolescents and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, selfesteem and relationship issues. They also offer couples counseling, certified divorce mediation and neuropsychological testing. Sessions are available in-person or remote.

“We strive to empower every individual, couple and family to become enlightened and achieve their greatest potential while becoming the best versions of themselves,” says Dr. Massler.

The Massler Center

Joshua Massler, PsyD
Alyson Rosenberg, LPC

127 E. Mount Pleasant Ave., Livingston
49 Brant Ave., Ste. 3, Clark

“Dr. Massler is approachable, respectful, empathetic, relatable, and always goes above and beyond.” – R.A., Livingston

“Dr. Massler has worked miracles for our son. After years of struggling with anxiety and depression, Dr. Massler gave us our son back. He has never been happier. Dr. Massler seems to care for people as if they were his own family. We will be forever indebted to him for the work he has done with our son and our family.” – J.G., Livingston