Sandwiches named for Kellerman’s and Mrs. Maisel are on the menu.

A new kosher-style deli, The Borscht Belt, is opening this weekend in Stockton and the delicious food here will have you kvelling. Netflix Celebrity Chef Nick Liberato and co-founders Mike Dalewitz and Steve Lau are bringing a taste of the Catskills to the Stockton Market and we got to try some of the delicious menu items in advance of their grand opening.

If you’re a fan of New York Jewish-style deli, including pastrami and corned beef, this place is a must. With sandwiches named for Joan Rivers, Henny Youngman and even Mrs. Maisel, the menu perfectly complements the nostalgic atmosphere that many restaurant-goers will remember from watching “Dirty Dancing.”

The restaurant is decorated with black and white photos of fun times at the “Jewish hotels,” and behind the counter, some will recognize the names of the then-popular resorts including The Fallsview, Grossinger’s, The Raleigh, Brown’s and The Concord, to name a few. Co-owner Dalewitz’s family owned and managed some of the hotels and The Borscht Belt is clearly a love letter to this special place and time, before the “kids wanted trips to Europe.”

The names of the Jewish hotels are reflected in the deli’s decor.

The Borscht Belt is partnering with local purveyors (only the good stuff) so you’ll find coffee exclusively from Paper Plane Coffee and bagels from NYC’s Ess-a-Bagel.

The joy of a good bagel with a schmear.

But beyond the tasty food, The Borscht Belt also offers comfort and connection. The flavors and atmosphere, for this writer, bring back happy childhood memories of summer vacations spent at the indoor pool at The Raleigh. With a bite of lox I remember dressing up for dinner in matching outfits with my sister for pictures to be immortalized in a viewfinder emblazoned with the name of the hotel. And with a sip of seltzer, I recall being checking in on by the “night patrol” while our parents went to the nightclub. It just goes to show how interconnected food is with culture, with family and with our sense of community.

Enjoying a taste of nostalgia at The Borscht Belt.

You can experience the joy and delight of The Borscht Belt yourself this weekend. On Saturday, June 19th and Sunday, June 20th the public is invited to join in grand opening festivities including live ‘Sounds of Sinatra’ by Joey C and comedy by Joey Novick. There will also be exclusive giveaways, complimentary tastings and meet & greets with Chef Nick Liberato. Midge would definitely approve.

The Borscht Belt, 19 Bridge St., Stockton (609) 460-4051