What could be better than raiding the kids’ candy stash after a long afternoon of trick-or-treating? A glass of wine to go with it! We asked Gary Pavlis, PhD, a professor at Rutgers University who’s worked in the New Jersey wine industry for 30 years, to recommend the best Halloween candy and wine pairings.

The Best Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings

Sour Patch Kids

A bubbly, fruity Moscato enhances the vibrant flavor of any sour candy.


If you’re thinking Halloween candy and wine will pack a sugary punch, not all Rieslings are super sweet. An off-dry bottle accents these colorful flavors perfectly.


Red Zinfandel’s smooth fruitiness brings out the creamy quality of an otherwise plain chocolate.


 Nutty candies go well with the bold berry notes of Merlot. Their complexity is a perfect match for a dry red. 


The richness of a dessert wine like Port is magical when paired with a caramel-filled goody.


The intensity of dark chocolate goes best with something robust. Savor this coconut candy with a Syrah or Cabernet.

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