MacArthur High School freshman Ahmed Mohamed, was arrested and suspended from school on Monday morning after showing several  teachers a homemade clock they mischaracterized as a “bomb.”

The 14-year-old, who makes his own radios and go-karts, stated he just wanted to show his teachers the project he had spent his Sunday putting together.  

Mohamed’s arrest quickly gained national attention, prompting people  like Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama to say something.

On Twitter, people  are taking pictures with clocks and watches captioning them #istandwithahmed.

The incident also caused backlash in the town of Irvington. Many took to social media to accuse MacArthur’s staff and the town’s police force of anti-Islamic policing, prompting the school board to respond that its actions were merely cautionary.

The Dallas branch of the Council of American-Islamic Relations is currently investigating the matter.

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