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Staci J. Greenwald, Esq., Jayne M. Wesler, Esq., Lenore Boyarin, Esq., Alex M. Hilsen, Esq., LL.M. Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq., Mariann Crincoli, Esq. 

Specialty: Special Education/Special Needs Law/Estate Planning & Administration

(L-R): Lenore Boyarin, Andrew I. Meltzer, Staci J. Greenwald, Alex M. Hilsen, Jayne M. Wesler and Mariann Crincoli

Founded more than 40 years ago, Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler is one of the leading special education law firms in New Jersey. The firm’s attorneys have taken a hands-on, whole-child approach to help thousands of families receive access to appropriate educational opportunities and set new legal precedents in the state.


Each of the firm’s attorneys boasts a wealth of experience in the law. SGW’s attorneys bring unique expertise, having previous experience working in schools and developing and implementing programs for children, as well as being parents of children with unique needs. “While working in the education field, we all realized there was a group of kids whose needs were not being appropriately addressed…and felt that becoming attorneys was the way to change the system,” Greenwald says.

In 1975, personal circumstances involving founder Theodore Sussan’s autistic son compelled him to gain an understanding of the special education rights of school-aged children. Today, the firm also offers financial services for families with special needs. An attorney with a background in finance and an LL.M. in estate planning, Hilsen offers his financial expertise to guide clients in estate issues including special needs trusts, wills, guardianship and general estate planning.


The firm employs a team approach when addressing issues regarding children with special needs, allowing parents greater access to attorneys when they encounter difficulties dealing with school districts or during emergencies. The attorneys maintain amicable relationships with a vast majority of the state’s school districts. 

“Our goal isn’t to litigate, but to get the services each child requires as quickly as possible and with the least amount of [parental] expenditure,” Greenwald says. “We’re constantly communicating to come up with the best plan and approach for each individual child. When you hire our firm, you become a member of our family.”

“There are not enough words to explain what Lenore means to me and my son. She always had words of encouragement and not only knew what would help, she followed through with it! When I knew a change of program wasn’t working for my child she was right behind me again, even after a few years had passed. Once again, she helped me put into words the things my extremely dyslexic kiddo needed, and I pushed forward. While we still have many years of school to go, I can confidently say we lucky to have a strong attorney behind us.”
– M.B., High Bridge

“Our lawyer, Lenore Boyarin, was very professional and worked for my son’s well-being.”
– V.H., Union

“Mariann is the most knowledgeable and professional educational needs attorney out there. She was able to help us quickly reach an agreement with our school district.”
– M.S., Waldwick

“After working with Mariann for several years, I can say we would have never gotten to where we are if not for her determination, understanding, expertise and experience in handling such matters. She comprehends how difficult these situations can be and helped us achieve a positive result. She has been incredibly helpful and I will always have her in my contact list and would recommend her to anyone who needs help in the very challenging landscape of Educational Law. While this is her area of expertise she is very familiar with many aspects of the law and will help in anyway she can. A great lawyer and partner!”
– R.M. Sparta

“Mariann was an excellent attorney for our family. She was knowledgable, articulate, intelligent and responsive. She made us feel like we were her top priority, no matter how busy she was. She was invested in our family both professionally and personally. She didn’t stop until our family received a fair settlement. I highly recommend Mariann to anyone who is looking for a fair and just settlement for their child.”
– L.M., Cranford

“Mariann is very experienced in special education law and knows the ins and outs of dealing with school districts.”
– E.H., Fair Lawn

“Staci provided us with the greatest level of care. We had a tough case with our school district and Staci gathered her knowledge of the law to win the case. This allowed my daughter to receive the services she deserves and needs. As busy as she is, she always made time to listen to my concerns. She always treated me with respect. These qualities make her an outstanding attorney!!”
– B.G., Bergenfield

“Staci was able to get our son the special needs program he needs. She is fantastic.”
– L.B., Midland Park

“Staci and Andrew advocated for and were successful with our son receiving the fair and appropriate education he deserved. The case was complex and challenging but Staci and Andrew navigated the process efficiently and, most importantly, effectively. This is a results business and you can trust that Staci, Andrew and team will afford you the best probability of realizing a beneficial outcome for matters with such importance and meaning.”
– N.H., Morganville

“Andrew thinks very strategically in a legal sense, and can sometimes drive you to distraction with his legal knowledge, but at the end of the day the legal maneuvering is what brings the districts to the table to begin those detailed, evidence-based discussions that get the child the services they need to develop in their own unique way.”
– D.T., Cranford

“We had a very complex guardianship case for our young adult son. Alex Hilsen was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and compassionate. His extensive experience was evident throughout. He kept us on track and deftly navigated all sorts of obstacles thrown our way. He practices with kindness and a good sense of humor. We highly recommend Alex”
– K.M., Princeton Junction

“Jayne is a highly-skilled attorney in an area of law that seems to be practiced by few attorneys. Jayne’s competence in special education law becomes obvious during the first meeting. Moreover, her attention and support of clients goes well beyond the professional relationship. She brings a much appreciated human touch to a subject matter that is unjustly complicated and utterly frustrating.”
– R.R., Clifton

“Jayne is the ultimate professional…knows the law and understands the nuances of a school system. It’s helpful that she was a teacher in her past experience. She’s kind, mild-mannered, patient, conscientious, compassionate, thorough, assertive and diligent…just to name a few.”
– L.R., Clifton

“The education system for special needs kids is difficult to navigate and complex at best. Jayne knows how important a child’s education is and made sure our child got what he needed and deserved. She guided us and made it happen.”
– K.B., West Long Branch


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