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Staci J. Greenwald, Esq. • Jayne M. Wesler, Esq. • Lenore Boyarin, Esq. • Alex M. Hilsen, Esq., LL.M. • Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq. • Mariann Crincoli, Esq

Specialty: Special Education/Special Needs Law

(L-R): Lenore Boyarin, Andrew I. Meltzer, Staci J. Greenwald, Alex M. Hilsen, Jayne M. Wesler and Mariann Crincoli

Founded more than 40 years ago, Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler is one of the leading special education law firms in New Jersey. The firm’s attorneys have taken a hands-on, whole child approach to help thousands of families receive access to appropriate educational opportunities and set new legal precedents in the state.


Each of the firm’s attorneys boasts a wealth of experience in the law. SGW’s attorneys bring unique expertise, having previous experience working in schools and developing and implementing programs for children, as well as being parents of children with unique needs. “While working in the education field, we all realized there was a group of kids whose needs were not being appropriately addressed…and felt that becoming attorneys was the way to change the system,” Greenwald says.

In 1975, personal circumstances involving founder Theodore Sussan’s autistic son compelled him to gain an understanding of the special education rights of school-aged children. Today, the firm also offers financial services for families with special needs. An attorney with a background in finance and an LL.M. in estate planning, Hilsen offers his financial expertise to guide clients in estate issues including special needs trusts, wills, guardianship and general estate planning.


The firm employs a team approach when addressing issues regarding children with special needs, allowing parents greater access to attorneys when they encounter difficulties dealing with school districts or during emergencies. The attorneys maintain amicable relationships with a vast majority of the state’s school districts.

“Our goal isn’t to litigate, but to get the services each child requires as quickly as possible and with the least amount of [parental] expenditure,” Greenwald says. “We’re constantly communicating to come up with the best plan and approach for each individual child. When you hire our firm, you become a member of our family.”

“Andrew has brought a sense of peace to our lives that we couldn’t thank him enough for. We always knew that if Jason was being treated fairly and wasn’t made to feel like an outcast, he’d thrive, and he has! We noticed an improvement in his grades, self-confidence and positive attitude soon after we began working with Andrew. When the feedback changed from 90 percent negative to 90 percent positive, we knew that hiring Andrew was the best decision we made!”-J.O., Weehawken

“Attorney Andrew I. Meltzer is extremely knowledgeable in his specialty area of law. He’s also passionate and dedicated to meeting desired goals.”-E.L., Somerset

“Andrew got us the results we wanted in a short period of time.”-M.M., East Brunswick

“Lenore represented our family in getting a program that fits our 13-year-old learning disabled child. She was the voice of reason throughout this arduous and lengthy process.”-C.Z., Midland Park

“Lenore was exceptional in advocating for our son. She was abIe to achieve the appropriate educational setting for our son. Her work ethic and devotion to our case was outstanding, and she was always available to answer our questions during this trying time. We can’t thank her enough for all her efforts!”-A.M., Belford

“Lenore is an exceptional attorney because of many different reasons. First is honesty. Lenore will give it to you straight, good or bad. Second, she’s always accessible. Lenore will stay in contact with you throughout your case. Lastly, Lenore is an exceptional attorney because if she tells you that you have a case she’s willing to fight for you all the way through trial if necessary.”-J.M., Belford

“Lenore got my son a FAPE that fit his needs, including out of district placement and a 12+ year.”-D.K., Frenchtown

“My wife and I recently had our wills revised to reflect our current life situation. We avoided it for the longest time and should’ve done it sooner, but we were unhappy about the process and lack of attention provided by our last attorney. That being said, Alex Hilsen made the process extremely easy for us and ensured that all of his suggestions/recommendations came with clear, concise, understandable reasoning to explain why our new will is now aligned with our current and future needs. Since we have a learning disabled child and other financial concerns, Alex’s financial background and ability to draw from the SGW expertise really came in handy, and ensured we didn’t need other lawyers involved.”-S.S., Colts Neck

“Not only is Staci extremely knowledgeable in cases involving individuals with special needs, she explains each step of the process. She’s mindful of your time and fees. I felt very supported while we were working together and she was able to successfully see my case through.” -A.M., Glen Rock

“Staci has helped me for my son’s case and has become someone I look up to as I became a special needs advocate. She’s always available to answer questions and has helped many of my clients when they end up in due process.”-K.K., Mercerville

“Staci advocated for my autistic son and gave him a future that wouldn’t have been possible without the placement he deserved and she made happen.”-J.P., Montville

“Staci’s knowledge and experience of dealing with my child’s particular disability was very helpful.”-J.S., Westfield

“Mariann has extensive experience working with special education. She understands the public school system very well, as she worked on that side prior to transitioning to the private side. She’s very efficient and understanding of the parent’s concerns, and helped get my child the proper placement.”-S.A., Union

“Mariann is an expert in the field of education law. She handled our son’s case with compassion and went out of her way to make herself available to answer our questions, and represent our interests to our school administrators and district board of education. She helped us reach an agreement with the school district in just a few months; we know too many families in similar situations who fought for years with less favorable outcomes.”-D.H., Freehold

“Jayne helped get my son an appropriate educational setting. We fought the district not once, but twice with her help, and won. If it weren’t for Jayne, my son wouldn’t be going to college, let alone doing well there.”-S.M., East Windsor

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