Sojo Sa Club, NJ’s famed reimagined Korean day spa and hotel in Edgewater, has just announced it will require all guests to either be fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test, within 72 hours, before entering the spa. Earlier this month, Sojo announced all its employees must also be fully vaccinated or show a weekly negative test.


“Our first responsibility as a business is the safety of our employees, our customers and our community,” said Ashley Jayco, Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development. “As such, we are taking all necessary precautions as we look forward to returning to a new normal when this pandemic comes to an end.”


The new mandate will go into effect on October 1. Proof of the vaccine may include the NJ Docket app, the NYS Excelsior Pass app, the NYC COVID SAFE app or an original, digital or photocopy of the CDC vaccination card (both sides required).

Named the best spa experience in the state by New Jersey Family magazine readers, SoJo boasts specialty outdoor pools, therapeutic baths and sauna rooms. It’s rooftop infinity pool has amazing views of New York City. The spa has a cafe, a hotel and so much more.

Sojo is believed to be the first spa to require proof of a vaccine or a negative COVID test. Earlier this month, It’s Greek to Me, a restaurant in downtown Ridgewood, also announced it would require proof of vaccination to dine indoors. Outdoor dining there is open to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. And just yesterday, Hoboken’s public school district announced that students who are old enough to get a COVID-19 vaccine but have not been vaccinated will be tested for the virus weekly. Hoboken is believed to be the first public school district to require a vaccine or negative test.