Six Flags Safari
Six Flags Great Adventure

If you grew up going to Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari and have fond memories of giraffes coming up to your window and zebras blocking the road, you and your kids can have that experience now. Since 2013, the Six Flags safari has only been accessible with park entrance on guided truck tours. But with current social distancing restrictions and safety guidelines, the theme park chain  has reopened the once popular drive-thru experience. I mean, if you haven’t had your dad screaming about the monkeys ruining the roof of his car did you even grow up in New Jersey? 

The drive-through style will allow visitors to remain in their own cars, to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines around social distancing. This way you can see some of the 1,200 animals, including giraffes, rhinos, elephants and more, all from the comfort of your car. The theme park hasn’t announced a date for the reopening, as they are currently working on implementing safety procedures for the guests, staff and most importantly the animals. 

The safari is open now, but in order to visit you’ll have to register in advance using their online reservation system. Even if you’re  a member or a season pass holder, you’ll still have to make a reservation in advance. There will be no sales at the gate and no one will be admitted without an advance reservation, in order to prevent overcrowding. 

Per state, local, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19, the theme park and waterpark will remain closed until further notice.