photo contest
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Due to social distancing guidelines, families have been staying at home—which means your kids might have more time to get in touch with their creative sides than they typically would. That’s why toy figurine maker Schleich is hosting a photo contest to help bring kids’ imaginations to life. 

Inspired by the work of toy photographer Mitchel Wu and Schleich’s #PowerofImagination campaign, the Power of Imagination Photo Contest asks kids, with the help of their parents, to use Schleich figurines to recreate the scenarios they imagine. Families can submit photos of these scenes for a chance to win one of ten prizes, including a $500 grand prize package. 

This contest challenges kids to come up with creative ways to use their imaginations and share the stories they create through play.

The contest is open now and photos can be submitted through June 2 (you’ll need to help, as only ages 18 and older can submit photos). All you need to enter is a Schleich figurine or play set, and a camera. Contest rules state that any photos containing pictures of human beings will be disqualified. In addition to the $500 grand prize package, there are also opportunities to win one of 10 smaller prize packs.

Not sure where to start? Check out the video (above) where Mitchel Wu shares the basics of toy photography along with some tips to help you and your kids create and capture scenes of their imaginations. For more inspiration, you can visit Mitchel Wu’s online photo gallery.

For the full contest rules and all the ways to enter, or to submit your photos, visit the Schleich Power of Imagination Photo Contest page.