Last fall, we asked parents throughout New Jersey to share their favorite cover-worthy pics of the kids. Narrowing down the submissions for our first Cover Kid contest was TOUGH work. We loved each and every submission and had a hard time deciding which 10 to send to Reneé Lauren with Click Models in Philadelphia for final judging. Since it was such a tough decision, we’re sharing a bunch of contenders so you can see how difficult it was to choose a cover kid. Check back on February 3 to see our winner, and all the pics from our Cover Kid photo shoot!

Ethan, 4

Mia, 5

Sydney, 4

Liberty, 6

Sofia, 3

Nicole, 6

Beatrice, 5

Gabriel, 3

Megan, 6

Kayla, 6

Rea, 4

Ayansh, 5

Ryleigh, 2

Jessica, 6

James, 6

Winter, 5

Sanaya, 7

Emily, 11

Nolan, 3

Caroline, 6

Natalie, 8

Reina, 3

Emma, 6

Cover Kid Caleb, 4

Kirk, 5

Andrew, 6

Olivia, 8

Nora, 2

Jerrell, 7

Alyvia, 3

Jasmine, 3

Evan, 9

Grace, 10

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