Ask Saddle River Day School Director of Admissions Geoffrey Bowman how he sees his students and these words are top of mind: Innovators. Thinkers. Leaders. The school “empowers students with the tools, space and encouragement to find their passions and thrive,” Bowman says. “The result? Graduates who own their future.”

SRDS was founded in 1957 and offers a Lower School (Pre-K3 to grade 4), a Middle School (grades 5-8) and an Upper School (grades 9-12). Bowman says the school differentiates itself by balancing the familiarity of a small school with the programmatic slate of a big one. “Families love SRDS because of our rigorous academic program and because of our warm and caring community,” he adds. “We live our core values of Everyone Counts, Love of Learning and Intellectual Risk-Taking.”

In recent years, the school has launched a number of new programs and initiatives such as the Upper School honors research program (Gateway Diplomas) allowing seniors the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the college application process, a year-long Capstone Research Project for middle schoolers and an entrepreneurship program for Lower School students.

Education here focuses on “cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset” with the school’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offering programs in business, graphic arts, videography, engineering and computer science. In addition, AP courses are taught in grades 8-12 for qualified students, and there are more than 30 no-cut sports teams, clubs and musical/theater groups as well as many extracurricular activities for all ages. “Learning doesn’t end at 3 pm,” Bowman says. “Not for innovative thinkers and leaders it doesn’t.”

147 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Saddle River