Psychological and Educational Consulting

Liz Nissim-Matheis, PhD; Rachael Berringer, MA, LPC, RPT; Nicholas Campestre, LCSW; John Champion, LAC; Elly Manoochehri, LAC, MA; Michelle Molle-Krowiak, LCSW, EdS, RPT

Specialty: Psychology

Left to right: Michelle Molle-Krowiak, LCSW, EdS, Rachael Berringer, MA, LPC, RPT, Liz Nissim-Matheis, PhD, Amanda Marshall, PhD, Nicholas Campestre, LCSW, John Champion, LAC, Elly Manoochehri, LAC, MA

At Psychological and Educational Consulting, Dr. Liz Nissim- Matheis and her associates provide therapeutic, consultative and psychoeducational assessment services in a warm, inviting practice. The highly trained, compassionate therapists create personal connections and provide individualized services helping children, teens, adults and families struggling emotionally, socially, academically or behaviorally.

“We work very hard to establish a rapport with our families and earn their trust,” says Dr. Nissim-Matheis, practice founder and mom of three.

A school psychologist, Dr. Nissim- Matheis is adept at navigating the educational system and has vast experience working with children with special needs including anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. The practice offers an array of services, including play therapy and executive functioning coaching, as well as testing for students.

Psychological and Educational Consulting

Liz Nissim-Matheis, PhD
Rachael Berringer, MA, LPC, RPT
Nicholas Campestre, LCSW
John Champion, LAC
Elly Manoochehri, LAC, MA
Michelle Molle-Krowiak, LCSW, EdS, RPT

513 West Mount Pleasant Ave., Ste. 212, Livingston

“Dr. Matheis is an excellent practitioner.” – D.M., Randolph

“Rachael is patient and kind and uses children’s passions to connect. She even created her own children’s social emotional book using super heroes (our kids fav!) to make their sessions fun! (James and the Missing Superpower!)” – K.P., Netcong

“Nick is solid all around. He really has a great temperament and handles my child’s anger issues extremely well.” – P.K., Morristown

“John is a completely connected, understanding therapist who always seems to naturally be in tune with children and their needs. He’s always emotionally available and teaches children that aside from the importance of therapy, it’s also important and perfectly okay to be able to express their emotions.” – C.C., New Egypt

“John is fantastic with the kids, is a parent himself and has personal experience with many of the disabilities faced by his clients.” – C.P., Livingston

“Elly has been such a great support for our two kids as well as to our family in general. She is very knowledgeable and has helped us tremendously.” – A.W., Parsippany

“Elly has been an amazing support for our kids and family! She is very empathetic, thoughtful and knowledgeable!” – M.W., Parsippany

“Michelle has developed a great connection to support my daughter and sons. She has also been a huge support to my husband and myself. Michelle has taken time to also help us advocate for our son in the school setting. We are thankful for Michelle for lots of reasons especially the extra strategies, care, and commitment she always displays.” – C.S., Parsippany

“Michelle is an amazing therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of adolescence. She has been a guiding light to both my child and the rest of our family. She knows my child better than I do at times and is always there for my child. In addition, Michelle gives our family tools and techniques to help us all get along and understand each other . I don’t know what we would have done for the last 7 years without Michelle. We are truly grateful for all that she has done for is.” – A.G., Rockaway