Emojis are having a moment. Not only have they totally changed the way we communicate, but they’re also showing up on T-shirts (we’re guessing your kids are all about the poop emoji), backpacks and even in kids’ bedroom décor. “Anyone who has a phone or computer knows what an emoji is—it’s the new ‘LOL,’” says Brett Galley, director of special events at the Hollywood Pop Gallery in New York City. 

There are tons of options for an emoji-themed party. Anders suggests taping cardstock facial features on bright, yellow balloons and using them as part of your backdrop. Or have guests create their own emojis on yellow paper plates to use as photo props.

For snacks, dip Oreos into yellow melting chocolate and then draw emoji faces on them with royal icing. “This is something you can do without having to be a baker,” Anders says.