Did you know that July is National Picnic Month? Luckily for us, New Jersey in July offers the perfect warm weather to savor an outdoor meal with your family. There are so many perfect picnic spots—on a blanket listening to an outdoor concert, at a table at one of the many local playgrounds, or even in your own backyard or front porch.

Here are a few tips for enjoying a fun, easy, and completely kid-friendly picnic:

  • Make sure you pack all the paper products you’ll need—and a few extras. Kids are messy. Kids on a picnic are even messier.
  • Juice boxes and reusable water bottles are the way to go. Paper cups and small children are not a good combination, especially on the uneven terrain of a picnic blanket.
  • Fun sandwiches are easy to make, and kids love them. Cookie cutters transform sandwiches into cute shapes, or just use the top of a glass to cut a sandwich into the shape of  a circle. You can also layer thin bread for “triple deckers,” which are always certain crowd pleasers.
  • Cut fruits and vegetables into bite-sized pieces so they’re easy for little hands to eat. Frozen grapes, melon balls, and sliced cucumbers are always big hits with the gang.
  • If you’re meeting friends, make it a potluck picnic. Any kid will tell you, other people’s food just tastes better.
  • If it rains, don’t worry—just move the picnic indoors. Kids love to have inside picnics all year round.

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