Pediatric Dentistry of Union

Mouli Patel, DMD; Roshni Patel, DMD

Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry 

Left to right: Mouli Patel, DMD; Roshni Patel, DMD

Pediatric Dentistry of Union has been creating positive dental experiences for children of all ages, including children with special needs, for more than four decades. As board certified pediatric dentists, Dr. Mouli and Dr. Roshni believe that good oral habits are formed early in life, and that a beautiful, healthy smile has a significant impact on a child’s development.

The practice’s holistic approach to dental care means that both Dr. Mouli and Dr. Roshni don’t just check for cavities; they examine all aspects of a patient’s daily routine that can affect their dental health.

We understand that every child is unique—after all, that’s the best part about working with kids! Since dental visits can be a source of anxiety for some children (and their parents), both Dr. Mouli and Dr. Roshni strive to build relationships of trust with families. “We want to help kids work through their fears and give them the tools they need for a lifetime of good oral health,” says Dr. Mouli.

Dr. Mouli and Dr. Roshni completed their training in pediatric dentistry from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

Pediatric Dentistry of Union

Mouli Patel, DMD
Roshni Patel, DMD 
381 Chestnut St., Union

“The staff at PDofU are so friendly and attentive, always on time and are so gentle that my kids look forward to going to the dentist! You can feel their smiles through the masks and can tell that they truly care about every child that walks through their doors.” – R.P., Hamilton

“Dr. Mouli is amazing with her patients, my kids absolutely love visiting the office, and often ask to visit on days other than their scheduled appointments.” – P.W., Union

“Dr. Mouli is so great with the dental care of my special needs child.” – M.W., Union

“I’ve been going to Pediatric Dentistry for years with my two kids. Recently I had an emergency issue and saw Dr. Roshni. She was great! She explained everything to me in terms I understood and she was very passionate about what she was doing just by explanation. She is a wonderful add to already a wonderful place!” – S.L., Roselle Park