Who doesn’t love a marg on a hot summer day (or any day of the year)? For its simplicity and splendor in all its blended and shaken forms, a margarita is our go-to cocktail. We love it poured into a cold glass edged with salt crystals. How do you like yours? We asked Harding mom of two Stefani Werring, a realtor with a passion for mixology who co-hosts the Morphmom Happier Hour with us, to share her go-to margarita recipe. It’s super simple and sooo good. Cheers!
– Any brand of tequila. Stefani loves Corazon Single Barrel Reposado ($40) or Añejo ($45).  These tequilas are aged in bourbon barrels.
– Cointreau- orange-flavored liqueur
– Fresh limes
– Salt for rim
Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake, serve. Enjoy!
How do you like your marg? Tell us in the comments.

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