Courtesy of Trenton Thunder Facebook page


You know what screams New Jersey? Renaming a baseball team after a famed NJ breakfast food (a food that's name is still fought over, depending on where in the state you live).

In honor of 25 seasons in the Garden State’s capital, minor league baseball team the Trenton Thunder will rebrand itself as the Thunder Pork Roll every Friday in both name and uniform. Will Taylor Ham devotees bail on their favorite Minor League team in protest?

This delicious change will take place only on Friday nights starting May 18. The team will use their regular name and uniform for games on other days of the week. You’re going to want to grab tickets to the Pork Roll’s opening night ASAP. Hint: there’s a giveaway!

The first 1,025 fans 21 and older will win a pork roll apron. Not to mention there’ll be $1 pork roll sandwiches because the diner isn’t the only place to savor a Jersey breakfast for dinner.

Are you on team pork roll or Taylor Ham? What do you think of the name change?