Pip's Island


Back in 2016, Pip’s Island was one of the most unique and buzzed about pop-ups to ever hit NYC. Fast forward to 2018 and this one-of-a-kind immersive experience has found a permanent home and will make its much anticipated return in a flagship store on 42nd street in 2019. The exact opening date of the attraction along and ticket prices have not yet been announced.

While you may be overwhelmed with the choices of pop-up experiences out there and struggling to keep track of every candy or color coated fun zone, this one is pretty unique and worth the trip to NYC. Pip's Island is part show and part interactive quest.

How does it work? Kids see puppets and characters who need their help to rescue the island from dark mysterious forces, and can play STEAM-themed activities in order to collect five "spark" badges and become a Master Explorers. They’ll be completely immersed in the experience and challenged to problem-solve along with their new group of friends. The combo of sights and sounds is designed to get your kids creative gears into overdrive.

"Pip's Island is as real as 'make-believe' gets for children," says creative director Walter Krudop. "They literally feel like they are entering a live video game and are pulled right into the story."

The show’s activities were created by show writers, designers and childhood development experts. The experience encourages social, cognitive and emotional development, by promoting teamwork and creating opportunities for exploration, engineering, artistry and more.

Tickets are expected to go on sale later in November on their website.



Pip’s Island
400 West 42nd St., NYC