‘Tis the season for resolutions and whether you believe in them or not, we can all agree we’re ready to have a much happier new year. We asked NJ moms and moms-to-be to share their resolutions for 2021. Read on and tell us what you hope to focus on in the new year in the comments below. Happy 2021!
“To set more realistic expectations for what I can accomplish each day. To listen to my body when I need a break and to not put it off. To make my preferences and needs a priority, too. To be more settled within my own body and mind.”
–Liz Matheis, Parsippany 
“I’d like to take the time to organize myself more – from my surroundings to something even as small as my desktop.  I currently operate in an ‘organized chaos’ status but in order to really grow, that needs to change.”
–Karen Leano, Sparta
“My resolution for 2021 is to not sweat the small stuff. My life will be massively changing this year, and my focus on what’s truly important cannot be derailed or distracted by minor annoyances.”
–Lisa Marie Falbo, East Hanover
“To remind myself that staying positive doesn’t mean being happy at all times. It means that even on harder days you know that there will be better ones coming.”
–Priya Virmani, Short Hills
“My resolution is to take on only what feels so right in my heart and not feel guilty about what doesn’t. I learned during Covid that I enjoy a less jammed calendar.  I realized that I can enjoy events but not have to go to all of them.  When things return to ‘normal,’ I plan to remember this!”
–Gillian (Gilly) Stollwerk Garrett,  Tenafly
“My new normal in 2021 will consist of three areas of focus:
FAMILY: Being completely present and unplugged when I am with the boys.  Not taking any moment with them for granted and listening and learning as they navigate their new year.
LIFESTYLE: Get better at time management. I am the worst at prioritizing tasks and now I need that more than ever.
WELLNESS: Self-care is not selfish. So making sure that I take the time for myself.  Staying committed to my workouts, my mental health and a bi-weekly manicure and pedicure really help me feel better and stay focused and productive for work and my family.”
Maria Cucciniello Falzo, Cedar Grove

“To schedule my day more efficiently so that I have consistent self-care and quiet evenings with the family.”
–Mary Massey, Boonton

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