Paradox Museum New Jersey is more than meets the eye. The 11,000-square-foot museum at American Dream has more than 70 “mind-twisting, eye-tricking” exhibits which will have you asking yourself: Is this really real?

There are two types of exhibits. An optical paradox is created using images or installations that play tricks on your eyes and brain. An interactive paradox challenges all of your senses and often creates a false perception of reality. Paradox Museum’s third U.S. location features dozens of stand-out exhibits, but the Upside Down room is specific to New Jersey since all of the objects – and people – will seem to sit – or float – in a New Jersey diner. As you sip on a milkshake at the bar or get ready to order dinner through the lens of your camera your world literally gets turned upside down.


Be prepared to spend 60-90 minutes wandering inside to take in all the special effects. Ask a team member to guide you through all the puzzles, which will also teach you about how vision, perception and the human brain work.

At the Paradox Boutique, you can buy your games, clothing, accessories and gadgets. Tickets to Paradox Museum New Jersey start at $29 for adults 12 and up, $24 for kids 4-11 and free for kids 3 and younger. A family 4-pack is $24 per person. Paradox Museum New Jersey is located inside American Dream at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford.

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