new jersey parks reopen

As part of the road back initiative, Governor Phil Murphy announced today that New Jersey state parks will reopen this weekend. Additionally, Murphy is also allowing county parks and golf courses to reopen on May 2nd  at the discretion of county governments.

Murphy made the decision to close all of the parks on April 7th in an effort to help flatten the curve, but now he’s loosening the restrictions. But before you head out in droves to the parks, here’s what you need to know. 

  • Social distancing rules must be followed.
  • Parking will be strictly limited to a 50% capacity
  • Playgrounds, pavilions, visitor centers and restrooms will remain closed 
  • Picnics, organized activities and team sports remain prohibited 
  • Face coverings are recommended

During his press conference, Murphy said face coverings aren’t mandated outdoors, but he strongly recommends them. He also acknowledged that if he sees pictures of people who aren’t social distancing and not wearing masks, he reserves the right to make face coverings a mandate at a later date. 

Because stay-at-home orders are still in place, Murphy is encouraging residents to go only to local parks instead of traveling around the state.

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