Love is in the air in our home state of New Jersey, according to a new study. Just in time for spring and wedding season, Holidu, a search engine for holiday rentals, decided to look at exactly where people in the US want to get married. The results showed that New Jersey was the most searched state when it came to finding a wedding venue. It makes sense — with our top-notch restaurants and catering halls, gorgeous skyline views and farm-to-table cusine, who wouldn’t want to say their “I do’s” in the Garden State?

Here are the top 12 states that most people searched to plan a wedding:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Michigan
  3. Colorado
  4. Connecticut
  5. Georgia
  6. Florida
  7. North Carolina
  8. Arizona
  9. Minnesota
  10. Utah
  11. Maryland
  12. Virginia

When it came to the most searched cities for weddings, Chicago came out on top, followed by Long Island and then Dallas. And while no specific cities in NJ made this list, our neighbor Philadelphia came in at number 10, while New York City ranked in at number 14 when it came to where newlyweds were searching. Last year, a different study showed that Jersey City was one of the best places to get (and stay!) married. With venues like Maritime Parc and Liberty House, it’s easy to see why!

The rankings were determined based on the sum of the last 12 months of Google Search Volume for “wedding venues + city name” (as of Feb 23, 2022). “From our initial list of 123,000+ US destinations in the Holidu database, we created a top 40 ranking of the most searched cities and top 10 states for the United States-based off this Google Search Volume for wedding venues,” said Holidu.

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