Nominations for New Jersey Family’s Best NJ Lawyers for Families are collected on at The campaign to nominate exceptional lawyers to the program is also shared through advertisements on, in New Jersey Family magazine and through New Jersey Family social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).

Readers can vote for multiple lawyers and multiple lawyers may receive multiple nominations.

All nominations are thoroughly vetted by NJ Family’s project management team. Nominations are date/time stamped. New Jersey Family asks for the first/last name, email address and city/town of each nominator. The first and last name of the attorney, the town in which they practice and the area of law they assisted the nominator with are also mandatory questions. New Jersey Family also asks for the name and address of the law firm but this information is not mandatory. New Jersey Family encourages nominators to share testimonials but this, too, is not mandatory.

Every nomination that’s received is reviewed to ensure that it came from someone who used the services of the attorney being nominated. This is usually clear by reading the testimonial. To be included on our Best NJ Lawyers for Families list, only one nomination is required.

Red flags that will result in a nomination not being accepted include the nominator having the same last name as the attorney, one person nominating multiple attorneys at the firm, or an email address from a law firm.

If there is no testimonial, or if it reads like an advertisement for the lawyer rather than a personal opinion, New Jersey Family will email explaining our policy of not accepting nominations from colleagues, staff or family members unless they used the services of the attorney. New Jersey Family always asks for clarification and affirms that the nomination won’t be processed until the nominator confirms they actually used the services of the attorney.

If there is no reply to this request, New Jersey Family will not use the nomination. If there is a reply with confirmation that they did, in fact, work with the attorney on a personal matter, New Jersey Family will accept the nomination.

Final results and the complete Best NJ Lawyers for Families list are published in the April issue of New Jersey Family magazine each year and on