Morristown Beard School is a private, independent and coeducational day school that prepares students for both learning and life. With small class sizes and a creative curriculum, teachers encourage students to engage in deep learning which helps unlock their passions. The school educates students in its Middle School (grades 6-8) and Upper School (grades 9-12).


MBS families love the numerous opportunities available for students to explore their interests. Students can choose from countless academic electives, clubs, community service programs and arts and athletics, all supported by state-of-the-art facilities and accomplished faculty and staff who nurture students’ interests. “MBS urges students to explore new endeavors, discover new talents and see themselves in new ways,” says Director of Enrollment Management Rob Mitchell.

Academic success and intellectual growth is embraced at MBS, but not at the exclusion of social and emotional growth. Class schedules are designed so students can balance academics, athletics and extra- and co-curricular activities. “MBS is a supportive and collaborative community where students are empowered to have agency over an academic journey that challenges, inspires and fulfills them,” says Head of School Liz Morrison. “Our excellent academic experience challenges students in the classroom, on the stage and on the fields, and allows them to develop character and learn to live a balanced life that promotes wellness.”


MBS is a place for experiential, hands-on learning, with signature academic programs that include “Learning Outside the Classroom Walls” and “Social Emotional Competencies” in Middle School and “Independent Studies” and the “Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program” (ICP) in Upper School. Signature programs provide students with a range of options for learning while empowering them to discover academic pursuits that excite and inspire them.

“Experiential learning is central to the educational experience at MBS, as we aspire to help students make connections between their classes and the world beyond school,” Mitchell says.

MBS’s newest signature program, the Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program, offers pathways for students eager to explore an aspect of the world that transcends individual classes, disciplines and extracurricular pursuits. Students may apply for any one of four concentration pathways at the end of their freshman year: Arts and Innovation; Global Citizenship; Ethics, Leadership, Justice; or Data Analysis and Research Methods. From internships and a speaker series to targeted electives and hands-on projects, students build knowledge by doing.

Highlights of the beautiful 22-acre campus include the Center for Innovation & Design, which includes 8,000 square feet of space for students to practice design thinking and problem-solving, the 25,000 square-foot Math & Science Center, and Science on a Sphere®, a six-foot diameter sphere that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data. Across campus, the Center for Academic Writing supports all stages of writing in each of the disciplines while allowing students to take on an important leadership role as writing tutors.

“Ensuring the growth and well-being of each student has always been a cornerstone of the MBS philosophy, and we continue to help students maintain a balanced approach to rigorous academics, enriching extra-curricular activities and an engaging family and community life,” Morrison says.


MBS also prides itself on fostering a sense of collaboration both at school and in the community at large; as such, volunteerism has become synonymous with MBS and its mission.

To assist students on their journey towards becoming responsible and active global citizens, the school requires community service of all students in grades 9-12. Along with achieving personal satisfaction and growing self-confidence, students are enriching their communities and taking on leadership roles to transform the lives of those around them.

“MBS continues to be a leader in student engagement and empowerment,” Mitchell says.

“Our faculty are experts in their disciplines and understand the incredible abilities our students possess, and partner with them to further their academic and personal development. As students build confidence and competence in the classroom, those skills extend to everything they try.”

70 Whippany Rd., Morristown

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