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Making nontoxic makeup was expensive, and finding retailers was hard. But after landing her first big client, Whole Foods of Princeton, Jacquelyn Foster-Quattro’s Jersey Shore Cosmetics continues to grow and can now be found in spas and salons throughout the tristate area.

jersey shore cosmetics

New Jersey Family: What inspired starting Jersey Shore Cosmetics?

Jacquelyn Foster-Quattro: I wanted people to see another positive entity coming from New Jersey. The idea of wanting to make better cosmetics and skin care comes with 25+ years of experience in the industry. The name was inspired by the natural beaches, farms and pinelands where I grew up in Tabernacle, South Jersey.

NJF: Today, Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a $7 million company. What were the biggest obstacles to getting the business up and running?

JFQ: Securing funding and convincing people that another beauty brand could make it in a saturated billion-dollar market.

NJF: How old were your kids in the early days of the business? What was it like to juggle being a business owner and a mom?

JFQ: The two at home were 8 and 16. My daughter was married and living away from home. Juggling family and business; both are 24/7 tasks. Sometimes you have to manage getting 3,000 pieces of a product to a company in two days, but right in the middle of a phone call where you’re making it happen, your reminder sounds, interrupting you to pick your kid up. An “I’ll have to call you back” could mean risking a sale.

NJF: What are you most proud of about the company?

JFQ: We’ve maintained our brand integrity using only the most thought-out ingredients in spite of cost. We use all-natural, organic, vegan, non- GMO, FDA-approved, nontoxic scientific ingredients to avoid using animal by-products. We give back and are a cruelty-free company.

NJF: What’s been your best seller so far?

JFQ: Our all-natural, organic lip balm took 14 rounds of research and development to make, and ultimately sold millions.

NJF: What’s the one thing we should always carry in our makeup bag?

JFQ: Our P.E.T. Sonic Massage Facial Cleansing Brush is portable and can be used as a massager for the neck and shoulders. Our Whole Body Balm has multiple uses like taming hair and conditioning cuticles.

NJF: What’s your best makeup tip for busy moms?

JFQ: Eat well, cleanse and moisturize properly and drink plenty of water.