Photo courtesy of Cheldin Barlatt Rumer


Washington Twp.
Executive Producer, i-g creative
CEO, Executive Producer and Host, This is it TV
Husband Christopher; mom to Sydney, 7 and Chase, 10 months

Tell us about your business. This is it with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer (produced by i-g creative) is a daily, digital, lifestyle, news program which streams live at 10 am EST Monday through Friday on our interactive Facebook page. This interactive online program connects our growing community to influential trendsetters, promotes new and exciting businesses and shares engaging and inspiring stories. Through the art of “storytelling” we deliver entertaining yet motivating messages while celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit as we encourage everyone to Scream Their Dream!

What inspired the idea? For years i-g creative functioned as a traditional, interactive marketing agency. The agency created and managed both on and offline marketing campaigns for an array of different businesses. I would meet with our clients continuously while constantly listening to them “whisper their wishes” as they prepared to bring their products and services to market. As I prepared my clients for various marketing and publicity campaigns, I was shocked to discover that there were very few – if any – television, video and/or digital online programs that aided small businesses in sharing their promotional messages in a comfortable and positive environment.

I knew I needed to create a platform that would assist small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent sales representatives in sharing their “marketing voices.” I needed to create a safe and engaging place for these individuals to SCREAM THEIR DREAMS! Through This is it with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, our entrepreneurial guests are able to conveniently promote their brands and services to our This is it TV online community while our loyal, daily viewers are introduced to the newest and most innovative people, places and products.

How do you differentiate your business? This is it with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is committed to our positive and motivational daily format. By delivering our content each morning we have developed a loyal audience that has come to rely on our encouraging words and casual conversations. In a world filled with hard-hitting news, This is it TV provides an enthusiastic and cheerful escape from – what can often be – a stressful and overwhelming personal journey.  Our high-energy program provides a daily reason for our audience to celebrate along with an captivating and supportive morning message!

What’s the hardest part of juggling the kids and being your own boss? Time management is often a challenge. With a 1st grader and a 10 month old – everyone is on different schedules and has different needs. Juggling all schedules while prioritizing duties and deadlines can often leave my head spinning. Though I set aside designated time to prep, organize and manage all things – in both my personal and professional life – there are a number of things that unfortunately must take a back seat from time to time. I would love to conquer all things on my “daily to-do list” but thank goodness – there is always tomorrow!

What’s your best advice for parents looking to start their own businesses? Be patient. Unfortunately, your dreams most likely will not come true tomorrow. So be sure to have the patience needed to endure your entrepreneurial journey. Even the best thought out plans and the most organized people need to rely on a “patient mindset” in order to sustain the length of time it takes in order for a great business idea to come to life. Be patient with yourself, be patient with the process, don’t dwell on your failures, learn from your mistakes and attempt to enjoy the little victories found on your way to your dream.