Name: Melissa DeSanti
The Morris Bernards Moms Network


New Jersey Family: What makes MBM unique?

Melissa DeSanti: The Morris Bernards Moms Network strives to be the go-to resource for families in and around Southern Morris County and Somerset Hills. Whether you’re looking for a contractor or a birthday entertainer, our website covers it all.

NJF: Why did you start MBM?

MD: I lost my job in 2015. No one knew it, but I was eight weeks pregnant with my first child. I was introduced to our parent company, The Local Moms Network, and immediately knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.


NJF: What are the MBM features you’re most proud of?

MD: The first is our Meet a Mom series. I love getting to know these women. It’s really amazing to learn how accomplished your neighbor is, and you look at them in awe because they’re all balancing life and work from the carpool line! My second is our Marketplace. We partner with small businesses to feature curated items we love (and think you will too) in our online shop.

NJF: What is your role in the community for other moms?

MD: I hope moms see me as their go-to resource for everything local. Our website is filled with information, like children’s activities, birthday party ideas and summer camps. I’m constantly updating our calendar and website pages as I learn of new businesses or activities happening in our area.