If you’ve been stuck at home in quarantine the last few months with your new puppies or kittens, or your existing pets, you’ve likely got a phone filled with videos of them doing adorably silly stuff. Take those silly pet videos and enter Safewise’s new contest for a chance at a dream job, where you can win $1,000 and pet camera for you to record and share even more of Mr. Fuzzybutt’s cuteness for a month. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? But Safewise is looking for tech-savvy animal owners with a goofy pet with star power. 

If you are chosen as one of the two winners, here are the job requirements. You’ll chose a pet camera from their line, and capture footage of your pet, send in best clips, fill out a survey and of course post about your experience with the camera (and getting your goofy pet to cooperate) on social media. 

Want to enter? Submit an application by Sunday, August 30, 2020, at 11:59 pm, MST. Winners will be announced on September 8. Fill in your application here.

In addition to the $1K prize and the new free pet camera, you’ll also get you pet the social media attention he deserves. Safewise.com will be promoting the two chosen pets on all their social media feeds. And you’ll be bringing a little more fun into the world along the way, and we could all use more furry fun these days. 

Check out Instagram celeb Pompous Albert for more details.