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The next time you’re looking to organize a night out that isn’t just dinner and drinks, try throwing a hatchet into your plans. Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Eatontown offers a place to hangout with friends and family, or to throw a party. Besides being an awesome place to hurl some hatchets, it’s so cozy it feels like you’ve stepped into a log cabin.

From the safety of a controlled throwing pit (each of which has a funny name like the Brad Pitt or the Arm Pit), guests can take turns hurling hatchets at wooden targets. You’ll learn the basics from coaches who teach proper form and technique.


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Once you get used to the weight of the hatchet, your main focus will be on nailing the bullseye and racking up more points than your fellow throwers. The first player to 21 points wins the round. And if you hit the target, ring the bell to celebrate your skill.

And don’t worry, you WILL be able to get the hang of it. Staffers told us that they’ve had everyone from a 93-year-old woman to a visually-impaired person come in and manage to land a bullseye.

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When you’re not throwing, take advantage of the farm tables, couches and cozy atmosphere to eat and drink. Stumpy’s is BYOB—just no hard liquor, but they do offer up giant metal buckets filled will ice so you can chill your six-pack or wine bottles.

Stumpy’s boasts eight throwing pits, free wifi, a woodshed party room and giant jenga. They’ve also got other fun themed events like ugly sweater parties, motivational speakers and yoga.

You need to be at  least 21 years old, and you’ll have to sign a waiver and wear closed-toe shoes.

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Reservations can be made online. Prices range from $20-40/person depending on the duration of your session and the number of people in your group.

Still curious? Watch our adventures at Stumpy’s and get ready to hurl some hatchets.


22 Meridian Rd. #5
Eatontown, Upper Saddle River, Princeton (opens November 2019)
Open Wednesday-Sunday
Hours Vary

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