Amanda Tolleson, 36, Chief Marketing Officer, Birchbox

Buzz Teodoro, 35, Associate Portfolio Manager, Federated Investors

Beau Teodoro, 1

Hoboken stats at-a-glance:

Average home price: $733,747

Median household income: $108,998

NJF: What brought your family to Hoboken? 

AT: We lived in Chelsea for many years and loved being in New York City at the time.  The location was more important to us than space. We decided to move outside the city when we started a family. My husband’s originally from New Jersey, so we quickly narrowed our search to Jersey City and Hoboken. In the end, we picked Hoboken because we found an apartment we loved. 

NJF: What’s your daily schedule like?

AT: Beau is now our adorable alarm and wakes us up at 6:45 am like clockwork. I tend to work late, so my husband takes the first shift with Beau while I snooze for an extra half hour.  He leaves for work around 7:30 am and then I juggle entertaining Beau and getting ready for the day.  My nanny arrives at 8 am and I get to work at 9 am. I get home by 6:30 pm to relieve my nanny and then it’s 100 percent “Beau time” until he goes to bed. Buzz and I then try to spend some alone time together eating dinner and catching up. 

NJF: Tell us about your job.

AT: As head of marketing for Birchbox (an online monthly beauty subscription service), I’m responsible for building the brand and bringing new customers into our world. The most thrilling part is changing the way women relate to and consume beauty. 

NJF: What’s your childcare situation?

AT: We have a wonderful Filipina nanny who’s worked in Hoboken for many years and knows all the great spots for kids’ activities.  My husband’s family is from the Philippines, so it was important to us to find a Filipina nanny so Beau can learn Tagalog (a Filipino language).

NJF:  What do you do for fun in Hoboken?

AT: We enjoy strolling Beau along the waterfront to the train station and stopping at playgrounds along the way.  In the summer we usually hit a local festival.  We also go to the farmers market every Saturday to stock up on fresh produce. One of the biggest draws of our home is that we have a private rooftop terrace, so we try to spend lots of time grilling and enjoying the view.

NJF: Any new restaurants we should check out?

AT: Our latest find is a new Italian restaurant, Sorellina. It’s already very popular for dinner, but the best-kept secret is its brunch, which usually has no wait.