Between J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them set to open in November, and wildly popular unicorn-inspired clothes and accessories, the imaginary creatures are popping up everywhere. This trend is a perfect fit for kids who are fans of color, glitter and, naturally, candy.

For nostalgia lovers, a unicorn theme is a great opportunity to introduce kids to all things ’80s—especially the color palette, because no unicorn would turn up her nose at neon! 

For DIY treats, Maureen Anders of, a party planning blog and shop, suggests melting bright colors like pink, purple, yellow and aqua chocolate in separate bowls. Then swirl them together in one large pan and add rainbow sprinkles. Let the chocolate harden, and break it up into “unicorn bark.” 

“All those bright colors will remind you of a unicorn’s tail,” says Anders. No need to stop there! She recommends using the colorful bark as a topper on cupcakes, too.

Add a Meowgical Twist! 

If your kid loves cats, be the purr-fect party trailblazer and throw a caticorn party. Make it meowgical with rainbow ‘poop’ cupcakes displayed in their very own litter tray, fuzzy cat ears for the birthday girl (don’t forget the ’corn horn) and caticorn T-shirts (you’re welcome!) for party guests.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Unicorn Photos Courtesy of / Caticorn photos by Leeza Hernandez