Almost every woman and girl keeps hair ties stored on her wrist for her emergency ponytail needs, but after reading this latest horror story, you may want to think again…and caution your daughters against doing it as well.

Louisville native Audree Kopp came down with a life-threatening infection, all caused by wearing a hair tie around her wrist.

After noticing a bump on her arm that seemed to keep growing, Kopp immediately went to her physician and was prescribed a round of antibiotics, which had little effect on the sore. The bump continued to grow and become inflamed, prompting Kopp to go to the emergency room.  

It turns out driving to the emergency room was a smart move.

Upon seeing the infection Dr. Amit Gupta immediately performed surgery on Kopp, preventing the infection from turning into sepsis, a dangerous bacterial condition. Gupta posits that bacteria that had gathered on the metallic accessory seeped into her bloodstream through pores and hair follicles.

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