The ghouls, the goblins—they're all scary. But nothing gives as good of a scare as the amount of candy your kids will collect trick-or-treating by the end of Halloween. So don't let your sweet tooth get the best of you this year! We've rounded up thirteen hauntingly healthy snacks that will save your kids a trip to the dentist—and a few inches off your waistline. Trick-or-treaters will think they're pretty sweet, too!

Sugar-Free Gum
Sugar-free? Could’ve fooled me! Most varieties taste just as good as the sugar-filled alternatives and helps prevent tooth decay.

Fruit Snacks
Kids love these so much, they don’t even realize they’re healthy. Look for low-sugar or real fruit versions for healthy and happy trick-or-treaters.

These are a Halloween classic and come in fun shapes like pumpkins and bats that kids will love to eat up. Want to get even healthier? Try gluten-free and low-salt versions.

These sweet treats are a healthy alternative to candy, and can be covered in chocolate, yogurt or sprinkled in trail mix.

Granola Bars
Some snack bars taste so good they can be confused for candy.

Animal Crackers
What’s more fun than playing with your food? Getting whole grains in every bite!

Give your trick-or-treaters the protein they need for a long night of Halloween fun! Unsalted nuts are an added health bonus.

Low in fat and sugar, this is the perfect snack to munch on while watching haunted Halloween movies.

String Cheese
There’s nothing cheesy about a good source of calcium and protein.

Sandwich Crackers
Swap out the chocolate for crackers. Peanut butter sandwich crackers mix the best of both snack worlds—sweet and salty.

100 Calorie Packs
Nabisco makes a variety of snack packs so kids can have their favorite treats in moderation.

Dark Chocolate
Can’t pass up the chocolate? We don’t blame you. Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate treats for a surprsingly high serving of antioxidents, vitamins, and minerals.

Kids are going to get their hands on candy one way or another, so give them a new toothbrush to clean their teeth and help prevent cavities. Nothing’s spookier than going to the dentist!


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