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What inspired you to start your firm?
After six years of being mentored by some of the most experienced and talented attorneys in the family and matrimonial legal field, I realized that I wanted to help individuals uncouple on my own terms and in a more holistic, cost effective and efficient manner. Mainly, I wanted to put my clients in control of the outcome rather than myself or some judge who does not really know them. So, I started HD Family Law, LCC., where I was in control of my reputation and handling of each case, ensuring that each client left saying, “Nothing Says a Good Day Like a Divorce!”

What sets your firm apart?
We are best known for our responsiveness. This may sound trivial, but we put great effort into being there for our clients every step of the way and that means answering their questions and concerns as quickly as possible. We recognize that in our field the client is dealing with family and financial crisis. That’s why we do everything in our power to address those concerns as immediately as possible.

How do you juggle being a business owner with family demands?
With a great amount of help! I truly depend on my office staff, who are amazing and who my clients love, to help run the business smoothly. I also have plenty of help and support at home and from dear friends that I truly rely on to be there for the kids when I can’t be. Some days it feels like all of the balls I’m juggling will fall, but most days I feel tremendously grateful to be able to have my business doing so well while my kids are well taken care of.

What are you best known for?
Being able to finalize even the most hostile, impossible, and litigious family and matrimonial matters with a successful settlement on behalf of our client. So many clients thank me for tirelessly negotiating for their ideal outcome and keeping them from having to go through a long, stressful and expensive trial.

What do you love most about what you do?
When my client first comes to me, their whole world is in turmoil and they are not sure how they will manage and/or afford their new normal following divorce or separation. I love most when as a result of my efforts on their behalf they say, “Helen, you were right and everything is truly going to be ok!”.

What was your proudest moment as a business owner?
When clients started coming in with the book I wrote, Nothing Says a Good Day Like a Divorce – If You Prepare For It, completely organized, empowered, and ready to move forward, having followed my advice. I knew that all of my hard work was helping people and as the owner of a service business, that is always my number one goal!

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