Gill St. Bernard’s (GSB) provides a balanced approach to prepare preschool through grade 12 students academically, socially and ethically for college and a meaningful life. Along with a rigorous academic program, the school provides countless opportunities for students to identify and pursue their passions.

“Gill students experience a comprehensive academic program that combines challenging, thoughtful classes with inspiring arts courses, top-tier athletic programs and unique experiential learning opportunities,” says Head of School Sid Rowell. “This purposeful balance gives students the ability to not only pursue their personal passions, but to build confidence in other areas for a well-rounded education.”


The school is committed to the concept of learning outside the traditional classroom setting with several project-based programs that strengthen students’ skill sets while broadening their worldview. These include the Lower School’s Biome Project, Middle School’s environmental STREAMS program and Upper School’s signature Spring Unit Program, a two-week immersive study experience that involves local, national and international travel.

GSB’s 208-acre campus features two trout streams, a performing arts and community center and an on-campus working and teaching farm where teachers partner with farm staff to create lessons in biology, animal science and the arts and humanities. Athletic programs are also an important part of the educational experience, and the campus offers state-of-the-art facilities for 40 teams across 15 sports, many of which have garnered both state and national recognition.


For many families, GSB is the right fit because of the school’s emphasis on community. Whether it’s athletics, performing arts or giving back to their communities, students at GSB are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and explore passions both in and out of the classroom.

“Our teachers expect a lot from their students in the classroom but at the same time get to know them on a personal level,” says Associate Director of Admission and Financial Assistance Ann Marie Blackman. “It’s not uncommon to see the faculty at performing arts or athletic events because they’ve developed a relationship with their students and want to support them.”

St. Bernard’s Rd., Gladstone