Photo courtesy of iFly website

Get ready to have the wind knocked out of you: An indoor skydiving center is coming to Paramus this spring. the Texas-based company iFly Indoor Skydiving has plans to bring the one-of-a-kind experience to the Garden State in April (you can already make online reservations for your flight.)

The skydiving center is being built in where the long-empty Forum Diner (211 Rte. 4 E) used to be located.

If indoor skydiving sounds scary to you, we get it. But here’s the low-down on why its a totally safe and unforgettable experience.

The current progress on the Paramus location; photo courtesy of Angel Madison

What’s indoor skydiving?

Picture your daredevil kid strapped into a flight suit. She’ll step into a gigantic tube with wind blasting through in a vertical column fast enough to keep her body hovering in the air. If the thought makes you queasy, don’t worry: The flight instructor will be there the whole time, and for first flights the instructor will make sure they don't fly TOO high.

Do I get any training first?

As a new flier, you’ll all be given safety tips and instructions in a training class. For example, you don’t want to wear jewelry or valuables when you’re flying. You’ll also be cautioned not to try any crazy tricks on your first flight. Showing off is for experienced fliers only!

Photo courtesy of iFly website

Is this safe for kids?

Anyone age 3 and up will be able to defy gravity in this hi-tech wind tunnel. Call to ask about special discounts, field trips, birthdays and group packages. Some children may be scared, but flight instructors are there to help them overcome their nerves. If your kid is under 10, you’ll have to sign a special waiver before he’s allowed to fly.

How much does it cost?

The basic package starts at $89.95 (weekend rates are higher). Check their site for more details.

Will I get anything to take home as a souvenir?

You bet! During your flight, the wind tunnel driver will be taking pictures. These photographs are available for purchase afterwards as digital downloads, prints and more.