Matzo coverPassover is almost here (starts at sundown on Monday, April 14). Here are ideas for fun crafts that will add a little kid-created decor to your holiday Seder table:

1. Decorate a Cup for Elijah

Kids can help create the symbolic goblet for the prophet Elijah. Use a plastic wine glass (available at most party and craft supply stores) and have your kids decorate it with stickers and self-adhesive rhinestones. Older kids can enjoy writing on the glass, or creating patterns with Sharpies or other permanent markers. And, kids can follow these same directions to make their own festive glass for drinking the four cups of wine, or in their case, grape juice.

2. Make a Matzoh House

Martha Stewart shares directions on how to make an incredible house out of matzoh. Decorate your finished home with jelly fruit slices, dried apricots, chocolate, and whatever else your kids like. This makes a fantastic, kid-friendly centerpiece.

3. Fold Origami Frogs

Creative Jewish Mom explains how to make adorable origami jumping frogs, perfect for throwing during the plagues part of the seder! The actual origami is best for older kids, but younger kids can help decorate the finished product. And while you're in folding mode, here are directions to make Origami Pyramids as well.

4. Print Coloring Pages

Kids can color these Passover coloring pages, and then you can hang their finished creations up in a mini-gallery. For more coloring fun, has a Passover Coloring Book available for free download.

5. Create a Festive Matzoh Cover

Using a piece of fabric (a large diner napkin works perfectly) have your kids decorate a Matzoh Cover using fabric pens and paints. Older kids can use needle and thread to embroider decorations or to make a simple border. (Shown in photo, artwork by my daughter, age 3.)

For more ideas, visit New Jersey Family's Passover Pinterest Board.