Through academic excellence and character development, Far Hills Country Day School provides each child the foundation for success in the modern world. The school celebrates the whole child and focuses on both academic as well as character development in a tight-knit community that forges strong partnerships with families.


“Far Hills Country Day School champions both academic excellence and emotional intelligence, challenging students to think independently and achieve confidently,” says Head of School Georgia S. Zaiser, mom to two alumni sons and former teacher of grades four through eight, division manager and assistant head of school.

The school’s shared growth mindset contributes to its experiential, student-centered approach to learning, its welcoming community of families and its focus on developing individual strengths. Teachers implement research-based strategies like mind-brain education while embracing emerging technology, embodying character-building skills and participating in professional development opportunities.

Students are known and loved by their teachers, who believe that there are many different paths to success, as is evident in the school’s motto In Virtute Multi-Ascensus. (There are many degrees of excellence). Teachers are invested in their students, meeting them where they are to develop their unique strengths and challenge them in their areas of growth.


Far Hills boasts an expansive 54-acre campus with a high ropes course, pond and mountain bike trail. The school offers athletics, music and performing arts programs and ample opportunities to hone public speaking skills—by the time students graduate they will have had more than 80 opportunities to share their knowledge in a public forum. Recognized as an essential life skill, public speaking starts in preschool at Far Hills.

“As a result, students find power in their voices and hone their ability to express themselves,” she says. “From preschool through eighth grade, students are given the freedom to explore topics of interest, themselves and the world. Through self-directed learning, emergent curriculum and adventure experiences, their curiosity is nourished and their passions are uncovered.”

697 Route 202, Far Hills

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