Established in 1948, Far Brook is known for its progressive approach, integration of the arts and commitment to social justice. The philosophy offers a unique combination of theme-based, experiential learning intrinsically connected with high academic standards from preschool through eighth grade. The child-centered, supportive culture encourages children to voice their ideas and honors their intelligence and creativity. 

Students acquire problem-solving skills through insightful questioning, experimentation and hands-on experience. Success is often found through collaboration, honoring differing perspectives and opinions and risk-taking. An emphasis on leadership, responsibility, reflection and respect for others is fundamental to the development of confidence and character as students prepare to contribute to the world beyond their time at Far Brook. 


“We believe that Far Brook is truly ‘school as it should be’: intentionally diverse, outside-the-box (and classroom!), arts-infused and at times a little bit messy,” says Head of School Amy Ziebarth. The nine-acre, wooded Short Hills campus has an intimate, small village atmosphere and wetlands habitat. All classrooms open to the outdoors, extending the hands-on learning environment for students to explore the natural world. 

“Far Brook’s arts-infused program recognizes that children are instinctive scientists, writers and artists,” Ziebarth says. “They learn that experimentation is another form of creative expression.” 

Outstanding and highly-credentialed faculty value curiosity and inspire questioning and academic discussion. Far Brook’s small size allows connections between faculty and children; students become comfortable seeking out teachers, sharing constructive dialogue and participating in a unique, reciprocal learning experience. 


All students participate in drama, music, choir, visual arts, athletics, dance, world language and woodshop. This “all-in’ approach gives every student the opportunity to discover new strengths, to collaborate and to understand and support their classmates. Discussions, teamwork and cross-grade partnerships create a respectful atmosphere of listening and caring for others. 

“Our goal is to inspire a generation of changemakers who want to make a difference in the world and engage as caring, global citizens,“ Ziebarth says. 

52 Great Hills Rd., Short Hills

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