Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day treat to make for your kid's party this year? Try this yummy (and adorable) conversation heart cake pop recipe.

What You’ll Need:

½ cake made from a box mix 

½ cup store-bought frosting 

Silicone heart-shaped mold tray (found at craft stores)

Lollipop sticks

Cookie sheet covered in wax paper

Chocolate candy melts in a variety of colors, melted

Styrofoam block

Food-safe pen such as the Wilton Foodwriter

How to Make:

• Crumble the cake into a bowl with your hands until it’s in small crumbs

• Fold the frosting into the crumbs until it has a dough-like consistency

• Press the mixture into heart-shaped molds with your fingers, making sure it’s packed and smooth

• Freeze for an hour or refrigerate overnight

• Pop the mini-hearts out of the molds and gently insert the lollipop sticks into the point at the bottom. 

• Place pops on the lined cookie sheet and refrigerate for another 20-30 minutes.

• Dip pops into the chocolate. Using a spoon or small rubber spatula spread the chocolate on the cake and around the stick, covering the cake entirely

• Gently shake off any excess chocolate

• Stick the pops into the Styrofoam block to dry

• Using a food safe pen, write messages

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