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There has been so much buzz and lots of questions about Disney’s highly-anticipated new attraction, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, which opens at Walt Disney World on March 1st. Though there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the new experience, we at Magic Family Getaways are able to share some information and answer your biggest questions!

What is Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser?

This two-day land cruise is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Guests are immersed completely into the world of Star Wars with themed cabins, innovative food and unique experiences where you’re acting out your Star Wars adventure. From my understanding this experience may be along the lines of live action role play. This attraction will bring new light to the genre of live action role playing. From interacting with characters, new and old alike, guests will be able to build and follow their own path in this ever-expanding universe.

Disney is a leader in storytelling. What can we expect from this experience?

Imagine your inner child coming to life and living in the fantasy universe of Star Wars for two nights. We have many Star Wars fans at Magic Family Getaways and we’re very confident that Disney will exceed our expectations (fans and non-fans alike!). Try to picture the Starcruiser as an intergalactic cruise. Cabins to sleep in, an in-depth trip-wide story that you can participate in, along with a special visit to Batuu, tailored to your experience!

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If we book and plan for this experience, can you share what is included? Is it truly an all-inclusive getaway?

You can expect a two-night stay in a cabin or suite, food and beverages on the ship and quick service at Galaxy’s Edge, Lightning Lane access to Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run, admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an exclusive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser magic band, and an exclusive concierge assistance to help reserve activities on earth.  Specialty and alcoholic drinks, along with the experiences at Savi’s Workshop and Droid depot, will not be included and come at an additional cost.

Are people wearing costumes?

Costumes will not only be permitted, but encouraged by guests of all ages.

Fun fact: Guests preparing for their intergalactic voyage can purchase exclusive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser costumes. A reservation number will be required for the purchases and can be bought 60 days prior to the departure, or 30 days after. Costumes can be purchased via by clicking here.

artist concept only ©disney/lucasfilm

When is the best time to reserve and go?

Pricing can increase as departures fill up and we’re seeing higher prices linked to holidays and weekends. Consider venturing out of the Milky Way Galaxy to the mystical Star Wars Universe and let the Force guide you on your journey! Bringing in aspects of Live Action Role-Playing will undoubtedly immerse you and your family into another world. We at Magic Family Getaways are very excited to see how this attraction will shape future vacation and entertainment experiences as a whole. Our team has dedicated planners that are already experiencing bookings for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and will be happy to assist you in adding this experience to your perfect Walt Disney World Vacation.

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