Delbarton School educates about 630 young men in grades 7-12, not large by any standard.

Yet, the school offers 25 Advanced Placement courses, championship teams in 16 varsity sports, a dynamic arts program attracting more than 300 students, 30 community service initiatives and, in non-COVID-19 impacted school years, Global Delbarton travel opportunities on six continents. The Delbarton Incubator and a Business Center offering Bloomberg terminals also broaden the school’s curriculum.

Dean of Admission Dr. David Donovan says the array of educational offerings, “speaks volumes about the dynamism, energy and talent of our students and teachers that a school of our size is able to offer.”

The Business of Schooling

The 200-acre Delbarton campus began as a boarding school in 1939. While many schools boast traditions that go back years, Delbarton goes back 1,500 years, as the school is led by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey, an order founded by St. Benedict in 529 BCE.

“Benedictines have been in the business of schooling since the sixth century and represent the longest standing educational tradition in Western civilization,” Donovan says. “Benedictines are rooted in the wisdom of the past yet oriented intentionally toward future possibility.”

That blend of past and present is evident in the school’s curriculum, which marries Catholic faith with college prep classes for young men in grades 7-12.

Donovan describes classroom experiences such as re-enacting the trial of Louis XIV and launching custom designed 3-D printed rockets—safely, of course. “As Aristotle teaches,” a school flyer reads, “we are what we habitually do so that excellence is not a single act but, instead, a habit of being.”

Aid for Those Who Need It

While most Catholic boy’s high schools in New Jersey are subsidized and governed by a diocese, Delbarton is independent, Donovan says.

This provides the school opportunities like small class sizes and a robust financial aid program, which funds about 20 percent of the student population. The school offers $3.3 million a year in need-based grants with an average student grant of $26,903.

“We’re most proud of the fact that we can offer the Delbarton experience to families thanks to an amazing financial aid program that makes the school a realistic and affordable option to every qualified young man, regardless of their financial situation,” Donovan says.

230 Mendham Rd., Morristown

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