All photos courtesy of NJ Family Staff

Liberty Science Center will be home to a London mystery through the spring. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, an interactive exhibit that challenges visitors to solve a murder, opened November 3. Sections of the exhibit—like a slaughterhouse and old-school penny arcade—are packed with experiments, clues and tips that teach amateur sleuths how Sherlock would solve a crime.

Sherlock Holmes, the legendary detective made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, is known for making observations others don’t, and never overlooking what others may consider trivial. Visitors will become acquainted with how forensic professionals crack the case. The  exhibit will train your littles to think like Sherlock, whether they’re making footprints (we had a blast examining shoe prints in the sand!), analyzing blood spatter (you control automated contraptions that both spray red goo and clean the mess) and piecing together evidence (we did so literally, trying to put a suspiciously smashed bust of Napoleon back together).

Highlights include Sherlock and Dr. Watson’s sitting room at the iconic 221B Baker Street in London, staged crime scenes complete with bullet holes, blood droplets and scattered documents, a Morse Code activity, the prime suspect’s botany conservatory and a section of pop culture gold from the Sherlock Holmes movie and TV shows Elementary and Sherlock.

See everything from props and wardrobe items to the wall of locks in Sherlock’s NYC apartment he used to become a lock picking pro in Elementary. You’ll also find vintage games of clue, Sherlock Troll dolls, an old Baker Street Journal and other memorabilia.

Liberty Science Center is located in Liberty State Park at 222 Jersey City Boulevard in Jersey City. Call 201-200-1000 or go to for more information. The Sherlock Holmes exhibit is included with the purchase of a Combination or Premium Pass ($29.75/adults, $24.75/ages 2-12; $33.75/adults, $27.75/ages 2-12). The exhibit closes on May 27, 2019.