In the era of coronavirus, things are feeling pretty scary and serious all the time. To no one’s surprise, these Twitter users took to social media to lighten the mood. We needed that.

It’s felt like Friday the 13th all week, huh?

Let’s hope Jason’s already made a trip to the supermarket for hand soap…

…because he’s sure as heck not finding any now.

Are you one of those toilet paper hoarders we’ve been eyeing in the aisles?

Or have you resorted to more creative solutions?

Honestly, we like this shopper’s approach.

Anyone else kind of glad they don’t have to go to that party they’ve been dreading for two weeks?

There are some things to look forward to about self-isolation. Exhibit A: The Quarantini.

Recipe: Hit your usual nightcap with a packet of Emergen-C, or…

Even if you don’t drink, we’ll definitely need something to get us through those shoddy remote conference calls.

Whether you’re dealing with semi-awkward conference calls…

…or the joys of working from home with the kids in the same room…

…there’s got to be an upside to all of this (chores on the kids’ lunch break, anyone?).

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