Eileen A Zhivago, MD

Specialty: Child/Adolescent Psychiatry & Adult Psychiatry

Left to right: Maureen Goodman, APN, Caren Weingart, LCSW, Lancer Naghdechi, DO, Eileen Zhivago, MD, Ashley Blake Strongwater, PA-C, Robert Colantuono, LAC

A board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, Dr. Eileen Zhivago founded Cohesive Health and Wellness, a team of welcoming psychiatric providers and psychotherapists. The practice treats children, teens, adults, families and couples by addressing each patient’s need in a safe, welcoming space. With a collaborative approach to care, the therapists help individuals live fulfilled, meaningful lives and overcome barriers and everyday stress. 

Holistic, Modern Approach to Treatment

“We are not “one size fits all”—our approach is to develop individualized and creative care with a wide range of therapies,” Dr. Zhivago says. “We’re here to support our patients’ journeys in taking back control of their lives, whether it’s life or lifestyle transitions or medical challenges they face.”

The team employs a holistic approach to treating psychiatric issues while integrating modern treatment, a humanistic perspective and the patient’s experiences. “We focus on the interaction between a patient’s emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and lived experiences to determine why they struggle and how we can help them to achieve balance and lead a meaningful life,” she says. 

Compassionate, Stigma-Free Care

The Cohesive team maximizes each patient’s strengths and resilience by forming genuine, meaningful and stigma-free relationships. They offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management if needed, paying special attention to individual needs.

“We’re enthusiastic about applying our experience with compassionate care to our patients as we unravel issues so they may overcome day-to-day hurdles,” Dr. Zhivago says. “The Cohesive Health and Wellness team is well-equipped to enter the journey to wellness alongside each and every one of our patients with time, patience and understanding.”

Cohesive Health and Wellness
Eileen A. Zhivago, MD
215 North Ave. W., Westfield
70 W. Allendale Ave., Ste. D, Allendale

“Dr. Zhivago is so knowledgable in child psychiatry, she immediately made me feel like we were in the right hands from the beginning. She has been supportive, an advocate and an ally for my child to succeed.” – B.G., Mahwah

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