Melissa Cipriano, Esq., Allison E. Holzman, Esq., Bart W. Lombardo, Esq., Karen Tichenor Willitts, Esq. , Elsie Gonzalez, Esq.

Family Law

L-R: (standing) Elsie Gonzalez, Bart W. Lombardo, Allison E. Holzman; (sitting) Karen Tichenor Willitts, Melissa Cipriano.
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At Cipriano Law Offices, PC, Melissa Cipriano and her team provide comprehensive, holistic service, pursue fair resolutions and achieve meaningful results that serve their clients’ best interests. With more than 120 years of family law experience, the firm maintains an eye on settlement while zealously advocating for their clients.

Melissa Cipriano, Allison Holzman, Bart Lombardo and Elsie Gonzalez are qualified economic mediators who work tirelessly toward resolutions of even the most complex matters. Both Cipriano and Holzman are statewide-approved parenting coordinators. As a court-appointed guardian ad litem, Cipriano develops solutions for marital and custody issues while helping clients protect their business interests.

The firm’s legal team builds relationships with clients to fully understand their goals and concerns. While they can efficiently resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation or collaboration, they are prepared to aggressively advocate for clients in court when necessary. An accomplished litigator, Karen Willitts specializes in appellate work and adoption; along with Lombardo and Gonzalez, she is also well-versed in domestic violence representation.

“No matter what your family law matter is, our team can help,” Cipriano says. “Doing what’s best for a family is always our top priority.”

Melissa Cipriano, Esq

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“Melissa understands the difficulties of divorce on a family and knows how to make people feel heard and understood and look out for the best interests of the parties involved.”
– J.S., West Orange

“Melissa’s compassionate representation is helping me move through a contentious divorce.”
– A.S., West Orange

“Allison helped me through a very challenging time in my life. She is extremely compassionate, committed and communicative.”
– J.L., Fanwood

“Allison is so compassionate and understands the process.”
– S.N., Westfield

“Allison is a dedicated and committed attorney who will go the extra mile for her clients. She is the ultimate advocate who can negotiate with the best of them.”
– B.L., Flemington

“Allison is kind and compassionate, which is what you need.”
– N.H., Scotch Plains

“Bart really cares about his clients. He goes the extra mile.”
– A.G., Wood Ridge

“Bart is a phenomenal attorney. I have been working with him for over a year and he has been supportive, attentive and has always looked out for me and my best interests. He has identified ways that I have been mistreated and ways to show positivity and change throughout my divorce and child custody battles. His goal is to look forward and not backwards.”
– L.G., West Orange

“Karen is the best and most caring lawyer I have ever met! She will fight for your rights in an extremely fair and professional way. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a great lawyer.”
– B.S., Clifton

“Elsie looks out for your best interests and tells it like it is. Divorce is extremely difficult to go through especially at a young age with a young child but she makes it a lot smoother by fighting for you and your best interests and ultimately the best interest of your child. She will tell me if I’m asking for too much or will try to reframe my thinking if I’m overthinking! She reminds me not to sweat the small stuff and tells me what is necessary for court. She is also a good judge of character and outspoken which I love!”
– J.G., Wayne