Is 2021 is the year you’ve vowed to get off the couch, adopt healthier habits and start moving more? Or are you maybe just hoping to zip up those pre-quarantine jeans again? Actor Chris Hemsworth wants to help you make those fitness dreams a reality and to put his money where his mouth is, he’s announced that he’s giving away free access to his fitness website. Chris wants to help you crush goals (and maybe also crush on him, ahem).

Chris Hemsworth

In a video Hemsworth posted on Instagram, he can be seen doing some inspiring moves including lifting weights, hurling a medicine ball and climbing a rope. And no ladies, this is not just for your viewing pleasure – he wants everyone to take advantage of his generous offer.

“Last year was kind of a pain in the ass, am I right?” says Chris in the video. “Is this year going to be better? It damn well better be. But I’m not going to sit around hoping for it. And neither are you.” Yes, sir!

“So, here’s the deal,” he says. “We’re giving away six weeks of Centr for free to get this year started with a bang. It’s time to get up, get moving, fight back, do the work and take care of yourself.”

Hemsworth’s app, Centr offers personalized plans to help users achieve their fitness goals and includes more than 1000 unique workouts and over 500 delicious (and healthy) recipes. The actor launched the app in January 2019 and now he’s making a bold move by giving away access for free, all in the name of helping you get a better bod.

Members also get access to Centr’s private Facebook group, which provides a supportive environment for users to share tips and experiences with others in the community.

In the video advertising his offer, Chris tells us to focus on what we can control. “All that other stuff, let it go,” he says. “And Breathe, dammit, because the only one who gets to say how this year goes is you. It’s you versus 2021, and my money’s on you.”

The six-week free offer is only available until January 7 so now is not the time to hesitate if you’re thinking of making a big change. The offer can only be redeemed via the website or the Google Play store. Once signed you’re signed up, Apple users can then download Centr on their device. 

After all, a sweat sesh with Chris doesn’t sound all that painful, does it?

Watch his video below: