The next time you visit Adventure Aquarium, make sure you say “hello” to Phantom! No, it’s not a ghost – it’s the Camden Aquarium’s newest addition, an eight-legged giant Pacific octopus.

The public was able to vote on his name and was inspired by the white scar that stretches across his eye area, giving him a look similar to the Phantom of the Opera. The scar isn’t bothering him or affecting his vision.

You can check out Phantom on exhibit in Zone D.


Around this time last year, the aquarium introduced Charlie, who was found with part of its third arm missing, so its gender could not be determined. Check out a video of Charlie on the aquarium’s Instagram page.

Before Charlie moved into the exhibit it was home to Europa, who was entering senescence, a normal stage of an octopus’ life cycle that often occurs before death. Males go through it after mating and the females while brooding eggs and after the eggs hatch. The lifespan of a giant Pacific octopus is typically only 3-5 years.

Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Dr. in Camden. Tickets are limited and are timed entry. General admission ranges from $17.99-$37.99 for kids ages 2-12, $27.99-$47.99 per adult 13-64, and a $2 discount for seniors 65+. Explore memberships for $44.99 for kids and $64.99 for adults. Through February 15, take advantage of a special offer that gives one kid free admission with one paid adult admission during the week.

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