The next time you visit Adventure Aquarium, make sure you say “hello” to Charlie!

No, it’s not a new employee or ticket taker – it’s the Camden aquarium’s newest creature, an eight-legged giant Pacific octopus.

Since Charlie was found with part of its third arm missing, the gender cannot be determined. So, the team won’t know if Charlie is a boy or a girl until she (assuming she’s a girl) lays eggs – or they will have to wait until after the animal passes away to perform an octopus autopsy –but let’s hope that is not any time soon!

Check out a video of Charlie on the aquarium’s Instagram page.


Before Charlie moved into the exhibit it was home to Europa, but she was recently removed after entering senescence, a normal stage of an octopus’ life cycle that often occurs before death. Senescence is not a disease or a result of disease. Males go through it after mating and the females while brooding eggs and after the eggs hatch. The lifespan of a giant Pacific octopus is typically only 3-5 years.

Europa is being kept in a back-of-house exhibit where she can live out her remaining days comfortably. Adventure Aquarium’s internal veterinary team will evaluate her quality of life and health status daily during this time.

Adventure Aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Dr. in Camden. Tickets are limited and are timed entry. General admission ranges from $18.99-$34.99 for kids ages 2-12, $27.99-$44.99 per adult 13-64, and a $2 discount for seniors 65+. Explore memberships for $44.99 for kids and $64.99 for adults.

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