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Dr. Barbara Fodero, DDS, MS

Dental Services

What sets your business and brand apart?

Having a “mom perspective” has helped me understand the demands of juggling children’s busy schedules along with work schedules. It’s made me a more compassionate and sensitive orthodontist. I treat my patients the way I’d treat my own children.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love having a profound impact on someone’s self-esteem when I create a beautiful smile. I also love the connections I make with my patients and their families. I feel like people come in as patients and leave as friends.

What’s the moment when you knew you nailed it?

When I learn that new clients hear positive things about me and my business on their community Facebook page, I know I’m doing something right.

How do you juggle being a business owner with family demands?

It’s not easy being a divorced mom running a business. I work my longer days and my Saturday hours when my children are with their dad, which has relieved me of a lot of mom guilt. I’ve learned not to overextend myself in order to maintain a work/family balance.

How’s your business involved in your local community?

I participate in a program called Smiles Changes Lives, where I donate free orthodontic treatment to children whose parents can’t afford braces. I also sponsor local school sports, performing arts and general fundraiser events.
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